Yes! Incredible Spice Hiring NOW!

Incredible Spice: Toronto based Spice Company 
“Delicious Simple cooking with spices.” 

We are looking for proactive, energetic, food lover to spread the word, and willing to go beyond expectation.

Business-to-business Sale and marketing personnel required. Positions are commission-based with no limits. Incentives given to those with consistent track records and prospect for a full time placement based on the performance in the first 6 months. Prove it to get it even faster! We care about you. 
Experience humans welcome to test before you switch jobs. Marketing students welcome too. Employee discount available for personal use. 

Job details Includes,
Database management, lead generation, Cold calling, product display and sampling, meet the client when required are the few highlights.
Contact us ASAP, Great summer job for you! 

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